June 12th, 2014

Generate Greater Productivity With Office 365
Microsoft has invested heavily to ensure the user’s experience of using Office 365 is easy and simple. The objective is to increase the simplicity that results to greater productivity. Whether its an administrator setting up a new employee to the system or a business analyst writing policy and procedure documents in Word.

Access From Anywhere With Office 365
Accessing your software over the internet has some big advantages and all you need is your computer and an internet connection. The benefit of accessing a centrally located data is the you will always have a single source of the truth rather than different versions when making changes to a document.

A single file on SharePoint Online will be placed on the cloud so the security permissions can be set up to allow anyone from the organisation, regardless of the location, can view the document. Security can be set as strict or lenient, whatever you desire. This would be useful as you may want only certain employees to view company documents or edit the content.

Robust Security And Reliability Comes With Office 365
You IT team can rest on their laurels as Microsoft has taken care of all the responsibilities concerning security and reliability. This will be beneficial for your IT team who can focus solely on helping users get the most out of the software.