corporate backup

Corporate Backup Solution

Corporate backup is one of the most fundamental parts of managing IT for a business. While you may never need them for long periods of time, the simplest mistake can spell disaster for an entire business.

Even if you do get everything right, storing tapes and other backup media in the same building is no use if your premises are damaged in a fire or natural disaster. Imagine the peace of mind you would have if all your data is backed up off-site automatically for you, in fully resilient data centres.

No matter what happens to your offices and your equipment, your data is safe in the cloud. That is what Carrington Blake IT Solutions, in partnership with Barracuda Networks can provide you with a corporate backup solution.

Best of Both Worlds

With the Barracuda Backup Service, not only is your data fully backed up to the cloud, but you also have an additional storage appliance on-site with a full copy of your data, so if you suffer a simple equipment failure with one of your servers, the data is within easy reach to restore in no time, at Gigabit, or even 10 Gigabit speeds.

Using the same technology, if you have multiple offices you can also utilise two backup devices and run site-to-site replication.

Backing up your entire IT system is simple with the Barracuda Backup Service, as the included web-interface allows you to back up your file shares, Exchange servers, Databases and Windows System States.

A Size to suit you

Barracuda Backup Service units are available in various sizes, to backup volumes all the way from 200GB to 40TB, delivered in standard rack mount equipment. With the ability to store up to a 4TB volume in a single 1U device, your backup hardware can easily fit alongside the rest of your IT infrastructure.


  • Industry Compliant
    The Barracuda Backup service complies with the various security standards necessary for industry-specific compliance, such as the SRA for the Legal industry. Data sent off-site is protected by 256-bit AES encryption, both during transmission and storage in the data centres.

  • Efficient
    Data sent off-site from the backup system is deduplicated and compressed, and the transfer rate can be limited, to ensure that not only is uploading your backed up data to the cloud fast, but also minimally disruptive to your internet connection.

  • Flexible
    Whatever disaster may have befallen your business, there is a recovery method to suit. Data can be restored from the Barracuda Backup system directly through a windows utility or the web interface, through FTP, through the 24/7 emergency off-site technical support, or through a physical delivery of storage media to your premises.

  • Affordable
    In addition to the technological benefits, using a cloud-based backup system also benefits your business financially. No longer do you have to purchase and maintain software for backup scheduling, additional tapes, or spend valuable IT staff time rotating tapes and postage fees sending them to other sites.

    There are never any per-application or per-user fees with the Barracuda backup service. You pay for your the security of your data, nothing more.