Cloud Computing for Finance Professionals

At Carrington Blake IT Solutions, we understand that being in finance, cost and return on investment (ROI) are paramount. A report by CFO magazine, sponsored by Google confirmed that 76% of financial managers across North America believed that a solid cloud computing strategy was key to their financial success over the next 12 to 18 months. This report is indicative of the fact that upper executives in Finance departments are growing wise to the financial and other benefits of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing drives long term benefits to the business overall including reduced costs, staff productivity, improved efficiency, improved customer service and sales.



Cost Savings
Tailored Solutions
  • Cost Savings and ROI with Cloud Computing

    You can save more than you think by converting to the Cloud. Financial benefits include the following:

    • Save 40% by eliminating the cost of ownership.
    • Improve energy efficiency by up to 80% by using virtual servers and hosted desktops. A hosted desktop is your exact desktop, as it is in the office, hosted on our servers.
    • Avoid the costs and hassle of in house IT departments.
    • Reduced electricity costs.

    Independent access to your data via our hosted desktops service means that you and all staff can log into hosted desktops from any device, anywhere around the world. This includes the financial applications and software necessary for you to carry out your responsibilities. The implications of this make it difficult to truly estimate the value of this benefit.

    With these cost savings and removed hidden costs, you can now plan your IT budget better than ever before, without having to worry about potential costs should some component of traditional IT go wrong. These benefits, in addition to the cost savings mean that you maximise your ROI.

    There are other, less obvious ways in which ROI can be maximised. These are listed below:

    • Eliminate the need to pay for software upgrades and licenses. This happens automatically with our Cloud Computing Service.
    • Software upgrades and new software are deployed automatically to all computers and devices connected to the network saving time and the hidden costs usually involved with the traditional approach.
    • No retraining for upgraded new versions of software. These hidden costs are avoided.
    • 24/7 real time support and 99.9% SLA means you get a reliable service with maximum up time.
  • Pay As You Go

    Think of our service almost as a utility. You pay only for what you use, nothing more. This can translate into significant cost savings. Consider the example of a small business with 30 computers and 15 users. Instead of charging our services by the workstation, we charge per user. This means that effectively, you only pay for the 15 users and still have access to all of your data on all of your machines. Where in your business could you redirect those cost savings?

    Use our cost calculator to work out how much you could save by making the decision to migrate your IT to the Cloud. Alternatively, contact us to discuss the potential savings in more depth with a qualified expert.

    Migrate to Cloud Computing

    If you are a Finance Manager, Accountant or Financial Controller involved in overseeing the decision to move to the Cloud, you can rest assured that the move will benefit your bottom line.

  • Tailored Solutions

    If you are looking to replace your current accounting and finance systems, or simply want easy access to them when you are not necessarily in the office, cloud based applications should be at the top of your list of things to evaluate. We can tailor a Cloud based solution which best fits your unique circumstances.

    Whether you want to migrate your entire all of your data to the cloud with a full Cloud Computing service, or simply want some of your financial applications hosted in the Cloud so that you always have access, we can help.

    Contact us to discuss how we can help improve your efficiency, while reducing costs and increasing ROI.