IGEL Thin Clients

A world leader in thin client solutions, IGEL Technology helps organizations improve the agility, efficiency, and security of their virtual desktop and application delivery systems. .


  • IGEL is the largest independent thin client manufacturer in the world
  • IGEL’s sole focus in thin and zero clients, with its own R&D department and its own assembly plant
  • IGEL products are sold to more than 15,000 customers in over 50 countries by over 1,00 certifited Autorized IGEL Partners (AIPs) and 3,000 resellers
  • IGEL partners with industry leaders like Citrix,VMware,Microsoft and Red Hat to ensure the most-up-to-date technology and Trustworthy security
  • IGEL offers high product availability with production capacity of over 50,000devices per month and devices that are shipped out within 48 hours of ordering


IGEL provides a closed, interactive forum for business leaders with high-level environmental responsibilities to consult together on a regular basis while academic leaders from Wharton and Penn faculty and selected experts from emerging areas of sustainable business. IGEL organizes annual conferences that include a hands-on workshop component, and a monthly seminar series where business leaders are invited to speak about the best practices in their field. These events create a two-way conversation between faculty, students, and business and NGO professionals.

  • Profile
    The IGEL Zero client,based on a system-on-chip (SoC) design, is the economical, space-and energy -saving entry-level device with high performance multimedia acceleration for Citrix ICA/HDX and Microsoft’s RemoteFX. With four USB ports, the IZ1 models allow connection of all commonly used peripheral devices.

    Features and Benefits

    • System-on-chip (SoC) device Optimized either for Citrix ICA/HDX or Microsoft RemoteFX and multimedia playback.
    • Excellent price performance Low price with strong multimedia performance.
    • Slim Design The perfect companion for any workplace due to the small form factor and the latest design.
    • Dualview support The DVI-I port offers the possibility to connect one digital and one analog monitor via the optional Y-Cable.
    • VESA mountable (optional) Mountable on the back of a monitor with the optional available VESA bracket, ideal for space constrained environments.
    • No moving parts, e.g. cooling fans The absence of moving parts means the devices are almost noiseless and fail-safe with minimal heat generation.
  • Profile
    A powerful and expandable thin client hardware platform. Its high speed processor and graphics can support demanding applications or many applications running simultaneously. It supports the broadest set of connectivity to peripherals. Optionally you can add an integrated smartcard reader and a connectivity foot with a parallel port and wireless network connectivity or an anti-theft USB port.

    • Maximum performance Strong processor and graphics capability for applications like multi-media and video conferencing.
    • Free PCIe slot Customize the UD5 to your needs with the addition of internal peripherals such as fibre optic network cards.
    • Dualview support Parallel use of two digital monitors with a DVI and a Display Port.
    • Integrated smartcard reader (optional) Excellent for highly secure two factor authentication, shared desktops or roaming users.
    • Connectivity foot (optional) Expand your device with a parallel port and WLAN or an anti-theft USB port.
    • No moving parts, e.g. cooling fans The absence of moving parts means the devices are almost noiseless and fail-safe with minimal heat generation.
  • Profile
    The Universal Desktop Converter 2 (UDC2) thin client software provides a highly effective alternative to traditional thin client hardware. The software is installed as the operating system on PCs, notebooks and selected thin clients, and turns the hardware into a powerful software-based and universally deployable thin client allowing secure access to almost all centralized IT infrastructures. Users havestable and reliable access to cloud computing services,server-based computing (SBC) applications and virtualized desktops (VDI). The local desktop operating systems are unified and standardized, and are centrally managed by IGEL’s user-friendly Universal Management Suite (UMS), the industry’s leading device management platform. The UDC2 software is available at a low, one-time cost.The UMS is included – free.


    • Cost-effective, no additional hardware investment Extended life of old/depreciated desktop hardware.
    • Access to a wide range of centralized IT infrastructures Future-proof desktop access solution.
    • IGEL Universal Management Suite included with delivery Efficient, secure and site-independent remote administration of all devices, standardized management of PC and notebook platforms, and existing IGEL thin clients.
    • Standardization of desktop operating systems on PCs and thin clients
  • Profile
    The Universal Management Suite (UMS) is an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software that allows you to remotely manage your IGEL thin and zero clients so that support costs are kept to a minimum. It is extremely open and network friendly so that it can fit into your organization’s existing infrastructure.

    Typical uses

    • Automatically setting up thin and zero clients with the right profile when they first attach to the network
    • Changing the settings of the device or its local protocols and software tools
    • Re-imaging devices mid-life when new firmware becomes available, diagnostics and support