Storage Solutions for IT Managers

Carrington Blake IT Solutions and Nasuni have brought one of the leading storage service packages to the UK. By offering a new breed of data protection, accessibility and support to enterprises, simplifying the way enterprises manage their data and storage needs. With unparalleled end-to-end data protection and the fastest recovery available, Carrington Blake IT solutions and Nasuni guarantees businesses an easy way to protect critical data.

Our package delivers a data protection service that unifies on-premise primary storage, back up and offsite replication in a single solution.

Our solution for:

  • Tier 1 / Primary Storage.
  • Backup applications.
  • D2D backup targets.
  • Tapes & tape libraries.
  • Off-site storage.
  • Management applications.

Your data is backed up by patent-pending snapshot technology and your files can be restored at the click of a button. In the event of a disaster, the entire file system can be restored within a matter of minutes. We also offer the most stringent security and end-to-end encryption available, and a variety of intergrated services, such as data migration and automated software updates.


If you are seeing the mounting costs and time needed for tapes and back up disks then you need a new solution. Our system backs up all in one, across all sites, and can all be recovered again in minutes.

“You want a solution to work on time, every time.”

Cobbling together different systems for your storage needs is inherently unreliable—especially when the systems were designed independently and integrate poorly.

When something fails, vendors start pointing fingers, insisting that their technology is not the one at fault. You need an integrated storage solution that just works, supported by a vendor with a strong service orientation.

We guarantee reliability that:

  • Saves a gold copy of your data – fully versioned through time and fully protected through replication.
  • Includes unlimited and automatic snapshots and provides control for retention policies.
  • Restores access to your data after a disaster in the time it takes to power up a new unit.
  • Manages a continuous file stream such that local storage never fills up.
  • Provides proactive support through alerts.
  • Guarantees reliability through an industry-best SLA.

See for yourself the power of a Carringon Blake IT and Nasuni Solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    Nasuni is a primary storage system which can connect to your infrastructure using CIFS, (Microsoft file system), NFS (Open file system) or iScsi initiator (block level). The system integrates with Active Directory Domains and Forest and will honour existing access controls and permissions.

    Local spinning disks are employed to deliver traditional local performance. Nasuni employ and enhance an existing DAS,SAN or NAS installation or a Na connected appliance. The local software is entirely non intrusive and does not require device drivers server side software. All of the software is delivered either on a managed Virtual Machine. Hyper V or VMware, or using a hardware appliance.

    Nasuni host an off site data volume which we call the protected gold volume. The local storage system is configured as a cache which can be adjusted by you to retain 100% or as low as 10 or 5% of the gold volume. This caching technology is how we can extend the life and capacity of existing storage investments.

    The same gold volume can be accessed from multiple sites delivering site to site replication at a stroke for no extra cost. WAN optimisation, compression, de-duplication and encryption is built in at no extra cost.

    The most compelling benefit however can be demonstrated following a total loss of local data. We first restore the TOC which can take 15 minutes only, once the TOC is restored the users are presented with the entire file structure and will start to populate the cache on demand.

    The protected file volume includes, all Archives, Snapshots, Backups at no extra cost. The Nasuni solution eliminates all BOD’s. Tape libraries, auto changers.

    All of this can be demonstrated inside 1 hour. We download a VM and fire up the configuration and start work immediately. This is all backed up with a 24/7 help desk with the best SLA in the storage business.


  • Access
    Are your staff deployed around the globe, does latency and security prevent them from working on files? Our technology makes files accessible in real time, from anywhere in the world.

    “The globalisation of business is driving the requirements for a new breed of enterprise storage.”

    Your organisation has a global workforce that demands vast data sets be available from many locations. You need all that data wherever you are, whenever you need it, securely, without the added cost and complexity of data replication schemes or the utter frustration imposed by latency in WAN accelerators. Together our storage technology offers enterprises single solutions for multiply storage.

    Only our technology delivers Anywhere Access that:

    • Provides secure global access to data, which is all encrypted at your premises using OpenPGP.
    • Delivers local storage performance and immediate data access for remote offices.
    • Regulates end user access control through Active Directory.
    • Creates a single snapshot timeline for all changes to data shared across offices, so the version record is complete and navigable.
    • Allows IT to have tight control over shared data by governing both visibility and read/write access.
    • Sets up star or multi-point synchronisation.
    • Adjusts to fit the available physical resources in each location

    If you would like to experience what this technology can do for you then your next step is to request a trial. Test out our solution in your business today and view the next level in enterprise storage.

  • Security
    Storing sensitive data and hesitant to deploy cloud technology in your business? This package deploys complete control over files, from access rights per user, to global restrictions and permanent cloud deletion.

    “The enterprise customer demands top-grade security capabilities that cannot be circumvented.”

    With the consumerisation of IT, there is pressure to adopt technologies that are simple to understand and easy for your end users to use, but security is not often not top of their list. Global IT professionals recognise the paramount importance of security and the need to adopt solutions that have guaranteed security built into their design.

    Complete security features:

    • Provides secure global access to data, which is all encrypted at your premises using OpenPGP.
    • Encrypts data with AES-256 at the edge, and keeps it encrypted in transit, right through the cloud and all the way back to your premises.
    • Keeps access control with Active Directory where it belongs.
    • Provides immutability – Your data can never be changed. Version changes are saved as separate and immutable units.
    • Assures only you can access your data. Your data can never be seen by providers or anyone in the cloud.
    • Delivers a 100% security guarantee.

    If you would like to experience how secure this technology really is, then your next step is to request a trial. Test out our solution in your business today and view the next level in enterprise storage.

  • Scalability
    Running out of space for your files with data growth exceeding 20% year-on-year? If you need a product that will grow with your enterprise then reclaim infrastructure with Carrington Blake IT Solutions and Nasuni.

    “You want to know that there is enough space for your data; forever.”?

    Data growth compounds the problems of delivering storage to your organisation.

    You need to manage and contain storage costs; minimize headcount and system complexity; and optimise the time spent on backup, data migrations and offsite replication.

    The unpredictability of unstructured data growth makes these tasks all the more difficult as you try to budget and plan for future storage needs.

    We produce scalability that:

    • Elastically grows with your data set.
    • Absorbs growth with infinite scalability.
    • Eliminates capacity constraints and reclaims storage.
    • Delivers on-demand, incremental provisioning.
    • Includes unlimited snapshots of the data.

    If you need storage that edges into limitless; then your next step is to request a free trial. Test out our solution in your business today and view the next level in enterprise storage.

  • Control
    Are you a firm that is having trouble managing all the different systems they run to protect data across your company; data replication from multiple branch offices, WAN optimization, as well as tape and disk-to-disk backup? Take back control with a single solution that unifies your systems.

    “Your dream; a system that does everything from a single point of control.”

    In IT, you have an interrupt-driven role, which has you performing repetitive but necessary tasks when you really want to be proactively serving end users. You’d love to minimize or automate repetitive tasks and get some time back in your day to allow you to focus on value-add policy and procedures.

    Our system lets you take control:

    • Globally manages data as one set for your company.
    • Continuously snapshots version changes to your data so that a file can be instantly restored to any point in time.
    • Automatically encrypts and protects data offsite.
    • Is intuitive to install, use and maintain, requiring no additional IT resources.
    • Proactively monitors the status of all your data stored within the service.

    If you want to take control of your data, from one location, at all times then your next step is to request a free trial. Test out our solution in your business today and view the next level in enterprise storage.