Storage Solutions for Finance Professionals

The worlds first complete storage system. When we say we mean complete, we mean complete.

IT Managers will typically integrate storage hardware and specialised software to create a multi-site enterprise storage facility. A common outcome is for the business to face a complex cost structure with deprecation, maintenance and upgrade costs which are difficult to control and budget.

In many cases the functionality is business critical where the cost structure is often a secondary consideration. At Carrington Blake we believe Enterprise Primary Storage can be delivered with a simple and easy to budget running cost without compromising the functionality.

Our Nasuni solution provides all of the above in one simple product which can be deployed simply and quickly, integrated with existing SAN. NAS or Virtualised environments with the best SLA in the business.

Comparing the annual cost of Nasuni to just one or two of the above components will easily justify the Nasuni solution which is streets ahead in terms of capital and running cost when compared to alternatives.

But the best is yet to come.

  • The Nasuni solution can greatly increase the capacity and lifetime of existing storage investments.
  • The Nasuni solution can recover a 5-15TB volume in less than 15 minutes subsequent to a total failure in the local storage system. This fact alone will justify Nasuni.
  • Multi site replication built in at no extra charge.
  • Off site Archives built in at no extra charge.
  • Off Site Backups built in at no extra charge.
  • Volume snapshots built in at no extra charge.
  • Nasuni provides an unlimited SAN data set storage.

This product is changing the storage industry. The way Enterprise Data Storage is delivered to the enterprise will never be the same again. Protecting data is now just one phone call away.

Carrington Blake Solutions we have teamed up with the Nasuni Corporation based in Massachusetts USA, to deliver this compelling product into the UK based enterprise.

Call now on 020 7537 6622 for more information and a no obligation trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the cost savings?

    Nasuni will extend the capacity of existing primary storage by a factor of ten. Massive capital savings can be achieved employing this technology. Further cost savings can be enjoyed if you operate multi-site data sharing. The Nasuni product displaces a long vendor list of hardware and software products which IT staff will typically recommend when designing multi-site data replication functionality.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    Most primary storage solutions carry extra (often unexpected), costs to retain archive data, snapshots and backups. With Nasuni there are no such hidden costs, all of the enterprise primary storage needs are collapsed into a single pre-purchased protected data volume budget.

  • How does Nasuni affect the operational or capital budgets?

    Nasuni may shift capital expenditure into operational costs. If the total cost of ownership of primary storage systems are calculated over 3 years, to include depreciation, risk of failure, maintenance and staff costs then Nasuni will save approximately 20% or more. The simplicity of the solution particularly in a multi-site context will reduce design and operational staff costs which is where much of the longer term savings are derived. Each user case differs however our sales staff can work with you to derive a cost reduction and implementation plan over 3-5 years.