IT Support for Finance Professionals

Our finance customers typically tell us that having transparent pricing, reduced costs and a good return on investment are of paramount importance when it comes to making IT decisions.

If cutting costs is your responsibility, Carrington Blake IT Solutions is the right partner to help you deliver this. With a 10 year background in IT, we understand the SME market very well, and are particularly good with customers who want to reduce costs.

We are so confident about this that we are prepared to challenge ourselves to provide you with the lowest quote for your IT support services.

Expert Engineer Network
We have a network of engineers up and down the country to solve issues as and when they happen. Our priority is your productivity and profit. We are flexible enough to provide tailored, cost effective solutions to suit your budget, based on your unique requirements.

Preferential Prices
Whatever you do, do not buy any more IT software or hardware without talking to us first. We have preferential trade rates with suppliers making it cheaper to buy your equipment through us.

Read on for more information on our traditional IT support services and how we can help you cut costs. Alternatively, speak to one of our experts about your needs.

Focus on Costs
By employing us to cover your IT support, you free up your IT staff. Our expertise means that we can provide monitoring services which ensure that potential problems are spotted and fixed before they affect users.

Our IT support packages ensure that you only pay for what you use, saving you money. This means that you can maximise return on investment for the IT assets you currently have.

Contact us to go through how we can help you maximise ROI with a qualified expert.



  • Do you already own a server?
    Your server underpins all of your business functions, therefore it is imperative that it is always in good working order. Server maintenance and management is absolutely critical to business success.

    By pro-actively managing your server, we can spot issues before they arise to ensure that you get maximum use out of it.

    Contact us to find out how we can help you maximise ROI on existing servers.

  • Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Device Support
    Having the best technology in the world is useless if it fails and worker productivity falls as a result. When worker productivity falls, it ultimately it impacts your bottom line.

    • Do you have a large number of users?
    • Do you have little or no support?
    • Have any of your desktops and devices recently failed or had problems?
    • Are you looking for a cost effective solution which you can fit into your budget, to allow for such issues?

    Our network of engineers are experts in handling all of the above issues.

    Contact us to see how we can provide cost effective desktop, laptop and mobile device support which fits in with your budget forecasts.

  • Networking and Router Support
    Managing and maintaining any network to ensure uptime is maximised requires specialist knowledge and ongoing capital investment. It can be expensive and when it goes wrong, you can be left with unexpected bills which are not accounted for in your budget forecast.

    The support we provide includes constant monitoring and management of your networks and routers in order to maximise up time. This not only enhances business agility and ensures that your network can keep up with the changing demands of your business, it also means that you never get any surprise bills.

    Contact us to discuss a plan for managing and maintaining your networks and routers.