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Carrington Blake’s Virtual Desktop – TopDesk

Carrington Blake provide a virtual desktop called TopDesk which is an easy way for small and medium business’s to quickly reap the benefits of cloud computing and virtualisation. TopDesk not only expands the desktop outside the PC but it expands your business outside the confines of your physical office.

What is TopDesk?

Think of your PC sitting in the office. Your PC is probably running Microsoft Windows and you have installed various programs such as Microsoft Office, accounts and other specialist programs being crucial to your business. To do any work you need to be in the office and sit at your desk. Virtual Desktop takes your PC and Server software out of the office and we host these in your Private Cloud. By disconnecting the desktop from the workstation many benefits are achieved both in terms of cost and flexibility. There is no need to install or upgrade software as all the work is handled centrally by us, hence avoiding one of the biggest costs associated with owning computers. Annoying problems associated with software configuration and software compatibility issues are inhibited by our system design. Should any kind of software problem or query arise, we handle the issue via our telephone Help Desk which is provided as part of the service.

TopDesk provides you and your staff with:

  • A virtual desktop on any device in the marketplace such as PC , Thin Client Device, iPad, iMac, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone and Blackberry.
  • Allow your staff to BYOD – Bring Your Own Device to work.
  • Work from anywhere you have an Internet connection and see your normal desktop.
  • Business Continuity when disaster strikes.
  • No more backup tapes.
  • Much lower electric bills.
  • More office space if you have the server on-site.
  • Staff can work from home when required.


  • On-Site Storage Performance
    The early adaptors developed robust and proven methods to safeguard their data and allow the business to continue when disaster strikes…

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