IT Services for Business Professionals

At Carrington Blake IT Solutions, we understand how important it is for you as a business owner to make good decisions regarding the IT that you need to employ, in order to run your business efficiently.

We find that one of the biggest challenges facing our customers who are business owners is nearing or reaching full capacity in terms of data storage. Small and medium sized companies also often face issues with management and support for widely used applications and hence have over stretched IT staff. Are you a CEO, MD, partner or investor with similar issues? Whatever your company size, we provide flexible Cloud based solutions to help which can be built around your requirements. Click here for more information or simply contact us to see how we can help.

Typically, our customers are non technical people who need assistance in making these decisions. Since IT is often a key factor in determining success, we have the right kind of specialists within Carrington Blake IT Solutions, to help people like you make the best IT decisions for your business.

Keeping costs down is important and with thousands of IT support services to choose from, making the best choice can seem a daunting task. Our experts can help you to make the right decision for your business, ultimately, keeping your costs down.



IT Support
Cloud Computing
    • Do you already have one or more networks and a number of users?
    • Are you looking for things like PC support, anti-virus protection, network management, hardware support and server handling?
    • Do you require help to ensure that everyone in your organisation has the right file and email access?

    We have the products and support to help you.

    Accessibility and Affordability

    Our traditional IT support services are offered at a cost which is both accessible and affordable. We are able to do this as we believe in offering traditional IT support with the same level of flexibility as you would get from the Cloud. As a result, we only charge you for what you use. We like to make our services fast and simple, therefore, depending on the requirements of your business, we can normally have your Carrington Blake IT Solutions support services up and running, within 24 hours of meeting with you.

    Whatever IT infrastructure or problems you currently have, we have a network of engineers up and down the country who can help.

    Click here for more information on our traditional IT support services. Alternatively, contact us to speak to an IT support specialist about how we can help.

    • Are you struggling to keep your IT costs down as you grow?
    • Could you better use your IT staff for something other than support?
    • Do you require more storage space?
    • Are your business decisions being restricted by your IT capabilities?

    We have cloud computing technology which could help you at a competitive price.

    Cost, Efficiency and Security

    Cloud computing is especially beneficial to those trying to keep costs down. At Carrington Blake IT Solutions, we understand that this is a crucial aspect of keeping your business running efficiently. Our Cloud service has built in disaster recovery, meaning that whatever happens on your premises, your data and applications are always protected.

    Virtualisation and Storage Issues

    Our Cloud services eliminate storage issues for businesses and facilitate connectivity by allowing you, or anyone else in your organisation, to connect to their desktop on any device, from anywhere in the world. We believe this is the ultimate in information sharing. The Cloud allows the virtualisation of your servers and your desktop so that everything that you do, runs from a browser, eliminating the need for expensive hardware.

    Strategic Independence

    Our Cloud services allow for strategic independence for business owners. This eliminates the need to invest in more IT hardware, software or IT personnel. Therefore, you can effectively separate the costs of running the rest of your business from your IT costs.

    We find that this is very often the case with start up businesses with many of our clients having to factor new and unexpected IT costs into their business plans because of growth. By employing the Cloud from day one, you can keep your costs down.

    Competitive Advantage

    By using our Cloud services, your business decisions are no longer restricted by your IT capabilities, which gives you a competitive advantage. Depending on the needs of your business, we can typically have you up and running with Cloud computing within a month of meeting you.

    If you need to find better ways of sharing data or simply require a more strategic and streamlined approach to IT in your business, click here for more information on our Cloud services. Alternatively, contact us to speak to a Cloud computing specialist about how we can help you.

    • Are you running out of storage space?
    • Is your data storage becoming too expensive?
    • Do you have multiple sites with data security issues?

    We have the services to solve your storage issues.

    Storage Issues

    As a business owner, you will no doubt have to store relatively large amounts of data, which can be expensive. As your business grows, so will your need for adequate storage space and for the effective management of your data growth. Security becomes an issue, especially when data is managed across multiple sites.


    At Carrington Blake IT Solutions, we have partnered with Nasuni who are a leading provider of data storage services, to provide you with the best possible storage solutions for your business. Partnering with Nasuni means that we can provide limitless storage capacity, with access across multiple sites, with recovery time in minutes.

    If you are running out of storage space or your data storage is becoming too expensive, click here for more information on our data storage service or contact us to speak to a specialist in Enterprise Data Storage.