Storage Solutions for Business Professionals

The worlds first complete storage system. When we mean complete, we mean complete. To configure a fully protected primary data storage system with high availability and multi-site replication capability the following shopping list is commonly budgeted for:


  • Primary Storage. SAN or NAS for fast local performance.
  • D2D Storage. Local backup staging.
  • WAN Acceleration. De-Duplication, compression and encryption.
  • Offsite DR facility. Failover or redundant hardware for business continuity.
  • Tape Backup. Manual tapes to be taken off site.
  • Tape Archive. Manual tapes to be retained for 6 years.

  • Backup Applications.
  • Server-based Antivirus.
  • Mobile Access Systems, VPN or secure access systems.
  • Replication software.

Our Nasuni solution provides all of the above in one simple product which can be deployed simply and quickly, integrated with existing SAN. NAS or Virtualised environments with the best SLA in the business.

Comparing the annual cost of Nasuni to just one or two of the above components will easily justify the Nasuni solution which is streets ahead in terms of capital and running cost when compared to alternatives.

But the best is yet to come.

  • The Nasuni solution can greatly increase the capacity and lifetime of existing storage investments.
  • The Nasuni solution can recover a 5-15TB volume in less than 15 minutes subsequent to a total failure in the local storage system. This fact alone will justify Nasuni.
  • Multi site replication built in at no extra charge.
  • Off site Archives built in at no extra charge.
  • Off Site Backups built in at no extra charge.
  • Volume snapshots built in at no extra charge.
  • Nasuni provides an unlimited SAN data set storage.

This product is changing the storage industry. The way Enterprise Data Storage is delivered to the enterprise will never be the same again. Protecting data is now just one phone call away.

Carrington Blake Solutions we have teamed up with the Nasuni Corporation based in Massachusetts USA, to deliver this compelling product into the UK based enterprise.

Call now on 020 7537 6622 for more information and a no obligation trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the costs and benefits?

    Flexibility and massive scalability with no call on capital. Nasuni technology will extend the life and capacity of an existing storage system by a factor of 10 times with no compromise on performance. The cost of multi-site data sharing can be dramatically reduced and simplified and reduced to a simple data volume budget.

  • Does Nasuni improve our business continuity plans?

    Nasuni can demonstrate a 15 minute recovery time after a total loss. Business continuity is significantly improved when compared to standard backup processes.

  • How easy is it to get started?

    Nasuni fits right into the existing IT infrastructure, physical , virtual or hosted scenarios can all be accommodated quickly and easily. Nasuni can be incorporated in matter of hours. Nasuni honours existing corporate security and in many cases improves data security when compared to alternative primary storage systems.

  • What if Nasuni go bust?

    The Nasuni solution will continue to operate without our intervention. All of the data is available at any time. Your data is safely stored inside the Amazon cloud, the keys and access authority and methods are retained in your managed escrow.

  • How safe is the data?

    Nasuni ensure that all data leaving each of your offices is fully encrypted. Nasuni employees cannot decode the data. Nasuni are a “carrier” and guarantee your data is not available to any other party. The data is stored in a heavily redundant hardware grid managed and maintained by Amazon Inc.