IT Services London

IT Services London

About us – we deliver unique and compelling IT Services

Carrington Blake IT Services have been providing IT support for businesses in London for over 10 years and our technical experts have 25 years of experience delivering IT services to all types of businesses in City of London, North London, North East London, East London, South East London and South London. We specialise in providing solutions which are tailored to individual needs. By integrating the very best technology with major IT vendors, we are able to provide a strategic computing platform which delivers business flexibility and ultimately saves space, time and money. Whether you are a business owner, a technician or in finance, we wish to explain how our IT support solutions will benefit your business.

Are you a Business Owner?

We find that one of the biggest challenges facing our customers who are business owners is nearing or reaching full capacity in terms of data storage. Small and medium sized companies also often face issues with management and support for widely used applications and hence have over stretched IT staff. Are you a CEO, MD, partner or investor with similar issues? Whatever your company size, we provide flexible Cloud based solutions to help which can be built around your requirements. Click here for more information or simply contact us to see how we can help.

Are you an IT Manager, Director, Consultant or Technician?

As someone in IT, you will be acutely aware of the challenges involved. Whether you are a technician, manager or consultant, your IT resources must be optimised in terms of equipment, service levels and personnel. We can help with these issues by providing top level Cloud based solutions. Click here for more precise specifications in terms of the software we utilise and how we can help you. Alternatively contact us to speak to a specialist.

Are you a Finance Manager, Financial Controller or an Accountant?

Our customers who come from the finance field must develop periodic financial reports and monitor financial performance. Our services help you to minimise capital outlay and overheads because you only pay for what you use and do not have to own expensive equipment. By providing for your IT needs at a lower cost of ownership, you have a higher return on investment than if you use traditional IT services and equipment. Click here for more information on how we can help maximise ROI and make your job easier. Alternatively, contact us to speak to a specialist about our IT Services London.

Our Process

1Discuss and Identify

  • Upon enquiry we discuss your initial requirements.
  • We identify which resources will meet your needs.
  • Then set a date to come and meet you.

2Meet With You and Other Stakeholders

  • Present our technology, specifically areas where you will benefit.
  • Arrange for a proposal meeting.

3Present Our Proposal

  • Guide you through answering your questions.
  • Awaiting a decision from you.
  • Meet and present.

4Finalise and Deploy

  • Once you have reached a decision we assign a start date.
  • Deployment will commence on this date.
  • You are therefore managed and supported by CBIT.
  • Propose and decide.

Our Customer Charter

1We aim to provide you with all documents, on time and complete.

2No client is more important than another, no matter what they pay, each can have access to us.

3Our fee will not have hidden costs, what you see in our proposals will be what you pay.

4Make sure all of what we do is plain and easy to read language.

5We hire friendly staff, and train them to be courteous and knowledgeable about our clients.

6To respond to all calls and emails, within 36 hours, even if we tell you that we don’t know the answer, but are looking.

7We will answer phone calls within 1 minute, if you have to wait we will call you back, using our phone bill not yours.

8Our staff will be reliable, turning up on time, with all of the right paper work or demonstrations.

9Be smartly dressed and professional.

10Everyone will receive this service, no discrimination or favouritism.