Nasuni Enterprise Primary Storage

Carrington Blake IT Solutions, based in London, and Nasuni have brought one of the leading storage service packages to the UK. By offering a new breed of data protection, accessibility and support to enterprises, simplifying the way enterprises manage their data and storage needs. With unparalleled end-to-end data protection and the fastest recovery available, Carrington Blake IT solutions and Nasuni guarantees businesses an easy way to protect critical data.

Nasuni describe their system as The World’s First Complete Storage System because it solves your complete data and storage headaches by providing

  • On-Site Storage Performance
  • On-Demand Scalability
  • Mobile Access
  • Global File Access
  • Centralised Control

See for yourself the power of a Carringon Blake IT and Nasuni Solution.

What is Nasuni?

Nasuni offers Cloud-integrated Storage, replacing traditional hardware-centric storage by combining cloud storage with on-premises storage controllers to deliver storage as a service designed to eliminate backups, improve performance and increase collaboration

The Nasuni Storage Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS) is transforming the old methods a company used to manage data and backup storage. With SIaaS, organizations are more productive and agile than ever before. Data storage costs are streamlined and aligned to the business. Dispersed teams cooperate better with quick access to the same set of data. Data can be distributed to multiple locations instantaneously. New offices can be integrated and accessing data in minutes. In short, Nasuni’s SIaaS simplifies the management of data and maximizes business value by providing unprecedented protection, performance and access to corporate data.

The Nasuni system is not just a backup solution, it’s not just a NAS or SAN deployment storage system, it’s not just a global access solution… it’s a Complete Solution! The power of the Nasuni system comes from the on-site Nasuni Storage Controller, which is fully integrated into your Active Directory, giving you the control, companies demand.

  • The award-winning Nasuni Filer brings cloud storage into your datacenter, delivering storage, backup and offsite protection in a single appliance.

    Just like traditional hardware, the Nasuni Filer provides unified storage through standard protocols and access control through existing authentication systems. Unlike traditional storage, Nasuni’s next-generation storage controller never needs to be backed up or replicated and never runs out of capacity.

    Much more than just a “cloud gateway”, the Filer is the on-premises component of the Nasuni solution that is responsible for everything from snapshots to auditing to anti-virus. Combining the best aspects of cloud storage with the comfort of traditional infrastructure, the Nasuni Filer delivers a whole new storage experience.

  • The next generation hard drive, cloud storage provides an unlimited pool of raw storage that can grow on demand and never needs to be backed up

    Just as disk drives have been used for years as the building blocks of traditional storage arrays, Nasuni leverages raw cloud storage to deliver storage as a service. This raw component is a unique storage system that delivers redundant, protected and scalable storage – however it is slow, requires a new access system and does not interface with existing applications.

    Nasuni uses cloud storage as a component of a larger solution – building upon its strengths and overcoming its limitations. “Cloud” isn’t the end goal – it’s an integrated part of the product. As a result we continuously evaluate the best possible cloud storage vendors and guarantee levels of service and protection not available from any other vendors.

  • The Nasuni Management Console centralizes and simplifies control of every Filer and Volume, creating a single pane of glass for administrators

    The Nasuni Management Console (NMC) leverages the power of cloud to deliver control over massively distributed systems without requiring point-to-point connections or in-network access. Gone are the days of products that only manage storage arrays in a single data center – NMC is capable of managing hundreds of deployments located around the world.

    Nasuni is the only Cloud-integrated Storage solution to deliver this comprehensive management console, allowing companies to go well beyond monitoring to meaningful management. Cloud storage delivers the capacity for storage systems to scale well beyond traditional architectures. NMC allows companies to scale their storage systems beyond the limitations of local resources and hardware.

  • The nerve center of Nasuni, our Operations Center provides world-class management, monitoring and support – truly enabling Storage-as-a-Service

    The Nasuni Operations Center (NOC) represents the nervous system of the Nasuni solution. It’s through the NOC that the entire network of Nasuni Filers and Cloud Storage is monitored and managed. Staffed with our best engineers and 24×7 support team, the NOC ensures every aspect of the system is running at optimal performance.

    In addition, the NOC is the data hub of Nasuni – collecting feedback from Filers as often as every minute – and allows our support team to identify, diagnose and resolve issues before they impact production environments. This kind of proactive support is a hallmark of the Nasuni solution and has produced unique capabilities like our Cloud-to-Cloud migrations.