Cloud Computing for Business Professionals

Our experience from start up 10 years ago, to the present day, combined with the valuable input we get from our customers, means that we have a unique understanding of the challenges you face as a business owner. Our customers tell us that they want fast access to the very latest technology which provides productivity, efficiency and promotes competitiveness. Our Cloud Computing services provide just that. Read on for more detail regarding how our Cloud Computing services could benefit your business.

Tailored Cloud Computing Service for Business Owners

At Carrington Blake IT Solutions, our Cloud services have been specifically designed with people like you in mind, small to medium sized business owners. Our services are flexible enough to allow for business growth without the constraints of traditional IT server systems. Ultimately, this means that we tailor a service where the benefits of the Cloud are focused on where you want your business to be in terms of growth down the line, as well as where it is at the moment.

Tailor Made for Business Owners

We provide in depth information on our after service support, which is also tailored to suit your business needs, at our initial meeting.

Whether you migrate everything over to the Cloud or only require Cloud Computing for a few applications, our expert staff are here at every stage to guide you through migration and implementation, as well as answer any questions you may have, all while supporting your staff.

Contact us to see how we can help and book your initial meeting.

Summary of Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing Services:

  • Save up to 40% by Reducing capital expenditure.
  • Improve energy efficiency by up to 80%
  • Save by not having to invest in software and licenses.
  • Dramatically improves accessibility to data and applications with the hosted desktop.
  • Access from any part of an office no need to be restricted to one desk with the hosted desktop.
  • Makes network management easier as all devices are linked.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Make your business more environmentally friendly.
  • Increased space if you move away from servers.
  • Rapidly deploy applications to everyone, instantly.
  • Eliminate downtime – you are not restricted to one physical PC.
  • Save on upgrades and licence renewals – We handle it for you.
  • Full professional support and management.
  • Thin client application allowing more space and faster working.



  • Cost Savings, Pricing Structure and Basic Economics

    At a time of economic cost reduction, migrating to Cloud Computing could save you more than you think. Very often in IT, the costs of use are unrelated to what is actually used. To make things worse, ongoing capital investment is required to keep things running efficiently as the business grows. With IT systems becoming more expensive and quickly going out of date, looking after your bottom line can be a careful balancing act. Our transparent pricing structure is designed with small and medium businesses in mind. Our clients report the following benefits from using our Cloud Computing services:

    • 40% saved by removing the cost of ownership of traditional IT servers and machines.
    • Save by eliminating the need for the purchase and support of software and licences.
    • Increase energy efficiency by as much as 80% by having virtual servers and hosted desktops.
    • Reduce electricity costs by relying on less hardware.
    • Reduce your carbon foot print by reducing your reliance on traditional IT and therefore improving energy efficiency.

    Use our cost calculator to see how much you could save, or contact us to speak to an expert.


    We have designed our services to be flexible so that you gain all of the advantages of Cloud Computing at a competitive rate and only pay for what you use. You can think of it almost as a utility, in that whether you want your complete IT infrastructure moved to the Cloud or have specific requirements for certain applications, we can tailor something which fits your requirements. This best fit approach means that you only pay for exactly what you use, on a per user basis. The result is that you get all of the benefits of the cloud, including flexibility and agility, at a significantly reduced cost.

    Pay for What You Use

    For example, if your business has 30 computers, but only 15 actual users, with Carrington Blake IT Solutions Cloud Computing services, you do not pay per workstation. Instead, you pay per user. In this case, you would only pay for 15 users instead of 30 workstations. Apply this logic to your business and think of the cost savings.

    Use our cost calculator to help you get an idea and then contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail with a qualified expert. How would you redirect those cost savings in your business?

  • Reliability

    With 24/7 real time support and 99.9% SLA’s, we can confidently say that we provide a reliable service. This means that you will always have access to critical files and you will not waste time resolving downtime issues. Our service includes the following for your peace of mind:

    • Daily backups to a separate data centre, meaning no matter what happens, you always have access to your data and emails.
    • Dedicated private network connection to our data centre so you always have access to your data.
    • Dedicated virtual servers in world class data centres. This means you have access to the same resources as blue chip organisations at an affordable price.
    • Dedicated protection against viruses, malware and other threats.
    • Optimal security for password management.
    • Inbuilt disaster recovery.

    Increased Business Capability

    We anticipate that Cloud will be the biggest thing to happen to technology since the advent of the personal computer. According to an article published in Forbes in 2012, 62 % of small businesses were using some sort of Cloud based application in 2012 which was an increase of 48 per cent on the previous year. This means that small businesses are rapidly migrating their IT as they recognise benefits, such as reduced costs without reduced capability. Server rooms become a thing of the past and any extra space can be more effectively utilised by hiring more staff. Extra staff can significantly increase business capability.

    Adverse Weather, Hosted Desktops and Disaster Recovery

    The snow of 2013 is reported to have cost UK businesses £500 million a day in lost revenue according to research by insurance giant RSA. In 2012, the snow and adverse weather across many parts of the UK cost small businesses over £7 billion according to a report from Lloyds Commercial found. These losses are primarily incurred because staff find it near impossible to get to the office under such conditions. For many small businesses, a few days of bad weather can be too much to take.

    Did you have absent staff as a result of the bad weather? How much money do you think you lost because of this? By migrating to the Cloud, your staff can log into a hosted desktop from any device at home. This allows staff to complete work no matter what the weather conditions are, which is a major benefit during such times.

    Our Cloud has inbuilt disaster recovery enabling us to offer seamless and almost instantaneous failover and failback of the most critical of your business applications. This means that wherever a disaster occurs, your data is always safe.

  • Hosted Desktop For Business Owners

    We provide the technology which allows your business to host its desktop from a server in our data centre. By utilising a hosted desktop in this way, your users can access their desktop from any place on Earth, using any mobile device. This means that whatever device you connect from, you enter the exact working environment you would be using if you were on a desktop computer in the office. This service is called Desktop As A Service (DaaS) and it gives you increased power and control over your business as all that is required is a device which can connect to the internet.

    Benefits of the hosted desktop include:

    • No need to synchronise with the office computer. Users can work on the move.
    • Weather and transport changes will not affect the ability of your users to work ever again.
    • Access to all files and applications no matter where your users are.

    We offer two types of service, internal DaaS and external DaaS, both allow you to access your hosted desktop, software and files stored in a Cloud environment. Each service is priced per user, adapting to the size of your organisation with no fixed costs. Our external desktop service is ideal for business continuity and for organisations who collaborate globally.

    Contact us and speak to a qualified expert about how our hosted desktop technology can improve accessibility for your business with no fixed costs.

    Competitive Advantage

    By migrating to the Cloud while your competitors stick with traditional IT, you put yourself at a competitive advantage, not just when there are adverse weather conditions, but at all times. By providing your staff with the ability to log into their hosted desk tops from any device at any time or place, you give mobile staff such as sales teams the benefit of having secure and fast contact with the office.

    Software Deployment and Application Installs

    Updates to applications and new software installations are simplified. They can be done to the Cloud without remote staff having to send in their computers, minimising down time. Once the Cloud is updated, all computers and devices in the network are automatically updated via the hosted desktop.

    Contact us to see how we can improve data accessibility for your business with hosted desktops.

  • Our Service

    Many business owners admit to feeling slightly intimidated by the thought of moving their data and applications over to the cloud. This is because of the perceived difficulty, planning and time constraints involved in doing so. At Carrington Blake IT Solutions, we remove the hassle by taking care of everything for you.


    Our team of engineers will come to you for an initial assessment of your needs for Cloud, in addition to an assessment of all the applications you currently use.

    When migrating to our Cloud service, there is no reason to worry about having to train users on new applications or software, because your applications will work with our Cloud Computing service.

    Our priority is your productivity and profitability. By ensuring that all the software your company is accustomed to work on our Cloud, we smooth the transition from traditional IT services. At the assessment stage, we can help you answer many common questions when it comes to moving to Cloud Computing, including:

    • Whether to go for public or private cloud.
    • Whether to have public internet or private network access.
    • What to transfer to the Cloud and how to integrate it with your existing system.
    • Whether to go for software or infrastructure as a service.
    • Whether to have a hosted or internal Cloud.

    Migration to Cloud Computing

    The assessment includes a report which we give you. Our team will discuss the design of a flexible Cloud Computing model for your specific requirements. A migration plan is designed by our experts which is based around your strategy and budget. We then migrate you to the Cloud as per our agreement, at a time which is most suitable to you. This can be done over night to minimise interruptions to your normal business activities.


    We provide continual support once we have moved you over to our Cloud Computing service. Support includes keeping you well informed of updates in new technology so that you stay ahead of your competition.

    Our support remains flexible in that we can change the services you need as your business changes. Whether you grow and need to scale up, or find that you need to scale down for whatever reason, we are always on hand to change things if need be.

    We also carry out a periodic reviews for your peace of mind, including:

    • Application compatibility.
    • Infrastructure health check.
    • Satisfaction survey.