Backups are one of the most fundamental parts of managing IT for a business. While you may never need them for long periods of time, the simplest mistake can spell disaster for an entire business.

Even if you do get everything right, storing tapes and other backup media in the same building is no use if your premises are damaged in a fire or natural disaster. Imagine the peace of mind you would have if all your data is backed up off-site automatically for you, in fully resilient data centres.

Storing large amounts of data can be costly, especially when this needs to be available at multiple locations. Not only is access a problem but keeping secure control over and managing how your data grows can also be an issue.

Carrington Blake IT Solutions have partnered with Nasuni, a leading provider of data storage, bringing their solution to the UK. With limitless storage, multisite access, and a recovery time of minutes, this will change the way you think about storage.

We believe in traditional support, at an affordable and accessible cost. We believe that the cost of traditional infrastructure should be as flexible as that of Cloud solutions, therefore we only charge for what a company uses.

Our traditional packaging comes with everything you would expect, hardware maintenance, network management, server handling, all at a per user price that responds to your organisation’s needs.

The Thin Client system is now coming of age as more business realise the major benefits of combining Thin Clients matched to a Cloud system. Until recently only banks, big corporations and financial houses installed Thin Client and Cloud technology. Now the power, flexibility and reduced cost are available to all small and medium businesses worldwide.

The Thin Client device normally uses a Linux operating system and presents a familiar windows style desktop. Because it is using a Linux operating system, you do not need to install any Anti-Virus programs or worry about the frequent Windows updates slowing down the PC.

Accessing your business tools and sharing information has changed, with Cloud computing the cost of your IT infrastructure can be significantly reduced. With a more mobile, flexible, and secure platform to work from.

With our cloud platform you will have access to your desktop from anywhere in the world, along with all of your files. Reliable, fast, and always updated, Cloud takes away the cost of your current IT support, whilst ensuring your IT is not what lets your business down.