IT Services for Finance Professionals

Whether you are a Finance Manager, Financial Controller or an Accountant, we recognise that the routine budgeting and procurement processes that you go through in order to support your IT functions, need to be transparent and cost effective. This is especially important in the current economic environment.

Our customers who come from the finance field must develop periodic financial reports and monitor financial performance. Our services help you to minimise capital outlay and overheads because you only pay for what you use and do not have to own expensive equipment. By providing for your IT needs at a lower cost of ownership, you have a higher return on investment than if you use traditional IT services and equipment. Click here for more information on how we can help maximise ROI and make your job easier. Alternatively, contact us to speak to a specialist about how we can help.

Our IT solutions are transparently priced, so that there are no hidden costs and you only pay for what you use. The benefits of our IT services mean that we can confidently say that you will get maximum return on investment with Carrington Blake IT Support.

Whatever your requirements are, we have a best fit approach which means that we assess the needs of your business during a consultation and then design a package which suits your needs and budget.

Our services fall into three broad categories which are summarised in the tabs on the right of this page. Contact us to discuss your needs or read on for more information.



IT Support
Cloud Computing
  • Our traditional IT support service encompasses everything you would expect, with a little extra. We believe in providing flexibility and accessibility while maximising return on investment.

    We want our traditional IT support customers to get similar benefits to our Cloud customers in this regard. For this reason, our traditional IT support services are charged on a per user basis, so that you only pay for what you use. This means no hidden costs, and the ability to budget your IT costs accurately going forward.

    Our traditional IT support services include:

    • Server maintenance/management
    • Network Management
    • Hardware support and anti-virus

    These are just a few of our traditional IT support services. Whether you need an engineer to come out to you for a quick fix or need ongoing IT support, we can tailor a package to suit you and your budget.

    Click here for more information on how you can get maximum return on your investment for IT support. Alternatively, contact us to speak to an expert about how we can help.

  • Finance professionals are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits of Cloud Computing because of the significant benefits it offers business.

    The Cloud means that small businesses can have access to world class IT functions for a fraction of the price of traditional IT, while eliminating costs of ownership.

    By increasing efficiency, while decreasing costs, migrating to Cloud Computing means that you maximise return on investment. The benefits of our Cloud services include the following:

    • Save 40% by eliminating cost of ownership.
    • Save a significant amount by eliminating the software licensing and upgrades.
    • Improve energy efficiency by up to 80% and save on electricity bills.
    • Hosted desktop – Virtualisation means easy access to your data at any time from anywhere.
    • Strategic independence – You are no longer reliant on expensive hardware and IT professionals.
    • Competitive advantage – Your business decisions are no longer restricted by limited IT infrastructure.
    • Pay per user – Only pay per user, not per work station, again reducing costs.

    Our Cloud services offer all of these benefits, in addition to increased flexibility, agility and data accessibility.

    Click here for more information on our Cloud services, or contact us to see how we can help minimise your IT costs and maximise ROI.

  • Are you running out of data storage space?

    We have partnered with Nasuni, a leading provider of data storage solutions, to provide you with limitless storage capacity which can be accessed from multiple sites.

    Click here for more information on this service, or contact us to speak to a qualified expert about how we can help.