June 5th, 2014

There are a number of different cloud products in the market but one of the more interesting concepts is the ‘Cloud Desktop’ which basically emulates the traditional function of a desktop computer and move this into the cloud. In other words what is left on your desk is simply a thin terminal which you dial into your hosted desktop. Furthermore you are no longer reliant on PC hardware as all the processing is done on the hosted desktop and you have no requirement to own or operate any local server infrastructure.

The benefits of using Cloud include:
• No more headaches of maintaining onsite equipment which will allow staff to focus more on the business rather then dealing with slow computers and time consuming IT fixes
• The Cloud environment is very reliable as you are not reliant on a piece of hardware and the systems are usually monitored 24/7
• You will be saving a lot of money by removing your IT costs
• You pay only for what you use which means no more wastage on overpowered workstations
• The ability to access cloud from anywhere will result to more productive staff and improved responsiveness for your customers.

It is very important to select the right provider to ensure your systems are running on a Cloud platform that is built for this practice. Also you should do a proper assessment to ensure your desktops are not slower than your local PC and this a reason why Cloud may not be suited for everyone.