May 5th, 2012

Carrington Blake IT Solutions announce a new partnership with US-based company Nasuni with immediate availability of the Nasuni Flier, the most innovative entry into the Enterprise Primary Storage market this century.

Sharing a single data set across multiple sites has traditionally been complex, particularly if the primary data set exceeds 5TB. The Nasuni solution simplifies and centralizes management of remote storage infrastructure while delivering on the promise of a global fileshare, giving end-users access to critical business data from anywhere in the world.

For every usable online terabyte (TB) a traditional storage system may require 9TB of costly spinning media to fully protect the primary data. The Nasuni solution also greatly simplifies the protection of enterprise storage as well eliminating the complications of site to site replication and multi-site collaboration.

Nasuni filer technology eliminates the need to budget for Snapshots, Archive, Backup, Security copy or tiered storage systems. Nasuni’s unique service combines on-premise hardware with cloud storage to provide a secure, all-in-one data storage and protection solution with the performance of local storage. Resulting in virtually unlimited and elastic expansion supporting any archive policy the enterprise may demand.

One of the most important features of Nasuni is industry leading restoration (usually in the region of 15 minutes), subsequent to a total loss, backed by the best SLA in the business. Get your business up and running again, in minutes.

Michael White IT Director at Carrington Blake IT Solutions commented “This amazing product range from Nasuni is poised to totally change the way that Primary Storage is delivered to enterprise”.

Every systems engineer or network architect should take note and become fully appraised as to exactly how this innovative cloud backed technology compares to traditional enterprise primary storage solutions.