July 10th, 2013

10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cost Savings
With cloud computing you pay your monthly fee to your provider with no need for expensive servers, software or license fees. With all your backups/data recovery and almost all problems handled by your cloud provider this will greater reduce the need for and the expense of an internal IT department.

With no need to purchase hardware of software, systems can be set as soon as an agreement is met with your provider. Also if the company needs more resources one month, this can be instantly met because of the huge capacity of the providers cloud.

Disaster recovery
Cloud computing removes the need to large, complex and expensive disaster recovery plans, because the Cloud providers takes care of most of the issues. Not only is it much easier for the end user, it is also much faster. A study by Aberdeen Group found that businesses with cloud were able to resolve their problems in 2.1hrs on average compared to 8hrs for those without cloud.

Automatic software updates
Companies in the UK spent up to 18 days a month managing security, but with cloud this is all handled by the supplier as well as software updates and patching which frees up you the customer’s staff and time.

Cloud allows all employees have access to all their files wherever they are, to sync up, to work on projects together and share everything they need in real time. This will put employees in more control, which results in increased motivation and an overall greater level of productivity.

Work from anywhere
Work from any PC or compatible device (mobile/tablet) as long as it has access to the internet. Cloud computing enables staff to access their files and applications anywhere all via web browser, and a study found almost 40% of staff would sacrifice part of their salary to ‘telecommute’.

Environmentally friendly
Businesses using cloud computing only use the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint. Using the cloud results in at least 30% less energy consumption and studies have shown reduces carbon footprint by almost 50%.

Document control
Without using cloud computing sending and sharing files with colleagues can be slow and laborious, uploading and email files with only one person having access at a time. Cloud removes all this by having the files in a centralised location with all users having access and no need for multiple copies of differently dated copies of documents. This process makes collaboration easier, which in turn increases efficiency and improves a company’s bottom line.

With your cloud provider ensuring all your data is encrypted and regularly backed up there are greatly reduced security risks. Even with loss of hardware this is no problem because no data is stored on the local machine, so nothing will be lost.

Empowering Employees
Because cloud software services are web-based, it allows any staff member can login and use the service from anywhere in world with internet access. It means that staff can access their personal development documents and can perform tasks such as booking holidays and registering sick days, which will reduce time wasted during office hours on such tasks.

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