Thin Client Solution

The Thin Client system is now coming of age as more business realise the major benefits of combining Thin Clients matched to a Cloud system. Until recently only banks, big corporations and financial houses installed Thin Client and Cloud technology. Now the power, flexibility and reduced cost are available to all small and medium businesses worldwide.

Why Thin Client

The Thin Client device of which we are business partners of IGEL , provides a small format factor device , with the VESA mount it’s easily hidden behind the monitor, which takes very little power to run, requires no anti-virus software or Windows updates and has the power to process all your Cloud computing needs. Another major benefit is having a standard device, pre-configured for your system and ready to be just connected when required.

How does it work?

The Thin Client device normally uses a Linux operating system and presents a familiar windows style desktop. Because it is using a Linux operating system, you do not need to install any Anti-Virus programs or worry about the frequent Windows updates slowing down the PC.

With the dedicated Linux system optimised for this task, your staff can start their normal login process in about 15seconds of starting the device or even less if left on standby. No long waits normally faced each morning by frustrated staff and therefore happier staff with less time waiting for equipment and a more productive day all round.
The desktop can be configured to only present one program, such as an Internet Browser but we can customise the desktop to suit the requirement. As this device is connected to your Cloud environment, it will be pre-configured to present a login screen to your staff.

Managed Thin Clients Remotely

A major benefit of using IGEL technology is the Universal Management Suite (UMS) . This software allows full remote management of all IGEL devices on your site. This automatically reduces your costs as on-site support is much reduced as we can remote control users, change features, update IGEL system software all remotely.

Benefits of Thin Client

Affordable and Green
Low cost combined with high efficiency (11w idle / 1w on standby) guarantees low TCOs and fast ROI

5 year Guarantee
The IGEL devices achieve very high reliability results that they come with a 5 year guarantee.

Fast Boot Times
Within 15 seconds you can login and start your day

Small Cool and Quiet
The unit has no hard disk, fans, etc which makes for an almost noiseless and cool device

VESA Mountable
By using the optional VESA mount, save desktop space by hiding the unit behind a monitor

Dualview Support
With the optional Y cable connect one digital and one analog screen